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  • “I started using these videos for my twins at 3 months of age. They are now 26 months old and...”

  • “I bought my son the entire series at the age of 9 months. I initially introduced the letters, numbers, shapes...”

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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

My three year old son has been watching the meet the sight words DVD's and really enjoys them. The DVD's are absolutely wonderful! I've had a difficult time trying to get him to go over words with me and learn how to read, after learning his alphabet, but your series keeps him entertained and interested. I was amazed when I brought home the DVD and heard my son say the words along with the video. Thank you for being so creative and actually making something that my son will watch and looks forward to! I recently discovered you also have meet the blends and I am looking forward to watching those with my son as well
I've used the meet the 'Numbers', 'Letters', 'Shapes' and 'Colors' with several toddler aged children in my home. We do foster care so we always have several toddlers in our home. When our daughter was 16 months old she could name all of her letters!! People didn't believe me until I showed them!
I started using these videos for my twins at 3 months of age. They are now 26 months old and can READ!! I can't wait for more sight word and higher number videos to come out. PLEASE Preschool Prep, we love them so much!!!
I bought my son the entire series at the age of 9 months. I initially introduced the letters, numbers, shapes and colors and at the age of about 15 months introduced the sight words. Now at the age of 20 months my son knows all of his colors, shapes and numbers and letters.  He also knows all 47 of the sight words. I am very impressed with the entire series....
My son started watching meet the letters at 20 months old. Within one month, he could recognize ALL upper and lowercase letters. So now we are watching meet the sight words. Currently at 24 months old, he knows over 30 sight words! I give all of the credit to Preschool Prep Co for his love for letters, words, and wanting to learn more! I truly am amazed at what my little has learned!
Preschool Prep Co. dvds are AMAZING! My daughter started watching them at 17 months and already knows all of her colors, shapes, and numbers! I highly recommend these to anybody with children!
My son is 23 months old and can read sight words. People are amazed when they see it, but of course they don't believe me until they see him read the easy reader books!
We are a recent US emigrant family in US. My little kids are born here (twins). Our english is not perfect and we speak our language at home. In a bilingual environment my kids were finding speaking difficulties. They are almost two and a half years old now. A year ago we enrolled them to a speech therapy school but with little success. They were also attending day care since they were 3 months old. We tried different methods to make them speak english, speaking only english to them, buying and reading english books to them, finding age apropriate DVD movies for them, but there was little change in their speech. We started to think we were hopeless. Then we found the Preschool Prep DVDs and 'BOOM'. I played the DVD-s to kids and they liked that. My kids started to interact with letters and numbers trying to identify them and to spell them correctly. In two three weeks they learned the alphabet, and furthermore they started to use the language to interact with us. As soon as the DVD content is played they go in front of the TV screen and try not only to repeat what they hear but with their fingers they follow the shapes of the letters in the screen. We as parents were simply amazed. "Simply a BIG 'Thank You' to You guys

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